Welcome to Armada

A comprehensive playbook for every step of the token lifecycle
Armada's fleet of protocols aims to power a budding ecosystem of SPL tokens. The full toolset is highly configurable and available for use by any Solana-based project, covering 3 key pillars:
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Mechanisms that empower projects to activate their communities through open and equitable token launches. Armada currently supports auction launches, pool-based launches, and token airdrops, all of which are highly customizable to the particular wants and needs of a project and its community.
Concentrated Liquidity Market Making (CLMM) vaults automate the process of on-chain liquidity provisioning for SPL tokens. Seamlessly launch a pool and add protocol owned liquidity to be managed by an institutional market maker. All non-custodial and on-chain so your project stays in control.
Highly configurable tools for automated protocol reward distribution and token staking. Composable with all major DAO governance protocols on Solana. White label and self-hosted tokenomics UI allows developer teams to maintain focus on their core product.
Armada will work side by side with your organization to create solutions tailored to the specific needs and preferences of your community. Join Armada's Discord to get started.
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