Updating Strategy Description

The Market Maker authority has the ability to update the LP token’s metadata URI. This allows a Market Maker to update detailed information regarding how they manage the vault.

Armada Standard

The JSON data hosted at the URI must conform to the following standard:

	"armadaMeta": {
		"type": "rebalancing", // "auction"
		"content": {
				"en": {
					"name": "SOL-USDC Bullish 3x vault",
					"description": "This vault aims to keep tight liquidity around the current price to capture volume and generate quality returns. It does it's best to maintain a 50/50 balance between SOL and USDC, and minimizing impacts of impermanent loss. As volatility increases, the positions will be widened out.",
				...translation to other languages 

The UI does not currently support HTML-encoded strings. Styling will eventually be allowed.

Updating the URI

  1. Host your JSON metadata file on a public cloud storage or blockchain solution. E.g. AWS S3, Arweave, etc.

  2. Go to the vault’s market making UI (app.armadafi.so/clmm/VAULT_KEY/mm)

  3. Click update metadata URI and follow the instructions!

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