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Staking with Armada's program

Organizations choose to use Armada's SPL Token Staking program because it's audited, battle tested, and easy to set up.

Currently securing over $100 million in tokens.

Stake Weight

If an organization chooses to have weighted stake, then those that stake for a longer duration will receive an increased amount of rewards and/or voting power. Armada's SPL Token Staking program has a linearly scaled weighting system.

Example: An organization has a minimum duration of 30 days and maximum duration of 180 days with a max weight of 2x. A user that stakes 100 COIN for 30 days will receive 100 sCOIN. A user that stakes 100 COIN for 180 days will receive 200 sCOIN. The user's share of rewards is calculated by their pro-rated amount of stake weight or: sCOIN held / total sCOIN supply

At the end of 180 days, the user will be able to withdraw their 100 COINs. The multiplier DOES NOT increase the amount of tokens based on the amount staked.


What is the token I received when staking?

Armada's SPL Token Staking program is built to work with various forms of governance on Solana. To do this, a token that represents a user's stake weight is minted whenever a user stakes. If the organization chooses to use this in governance, then it would allow the user to have voting power equal to their stake weight.

What is the rate of rewards to stakers?

The SPL Token Staking program does not have a fixed rate of rewards. Instead, it is built to handle rewards coming from any source into a RewardPool token account. This means that it's up to the project, organization, community how much and when rewards are distributed.

Some organizations have opted to send their product fees directly to RewardPools resulting in reward accumulation any time their product is used. Others have decided to send a fixed amount at a regular cadence.

How can I claim rewards?

The organization should be hosting their own staking site, where user's can claim rewards with the click of a button.

If the unlock date passes and you don’t withdraw, do rewards continue to accrue at the multiplier rate?

Yes, rewards will still accrue at your original weight until you withdraw.

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