Deposit and Withdrawal

Depositing to a CLMM Pool

  1. Connect your wallet at

  1. Approve to interact with your wallet:

Once connected, click the vault you wish to deposit to. Lets connect to SOL/USDC:

Once you’ve clicked you will see a screen that looks like this:

Enter the deposit amount in the native or the base token. The vault will automatically calculate how much is currently required on the other side of the pair in order to submit the transaction to the vault.

LP’s may also enter only one side of the pair by clicking “Use SOL only”.

Please note: If you choose to enter single-sided, the vault will auto buy/sell the necessary amount of the other side of the swap pair to complete the transaction.

Once you have entered the desired amount, click Deposit.

You will then have to approve the transaction in your browser wallet (and on your hardware wallet if you are using one).

Once the vault has completed the transaction you will see a confirmation in the upper right corner of the page:

Your asset are now deposited to the vault.

Armada lets you view your asset position at any time on the main CLMM page. Positions are located at the bottom of each vault.

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